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We've been in this industry since 2001 and we have never missed a payment.

Our products are globally branded in major magazines including Maxim, Stuff and Penthouse.

You always get 100% credit for all your orders, including mail, fax and phone orders -- even upsells and exit sales, too. We have the best-trained customer service staff in the business, and they make absolutely sure you get credit for ALL the sales on everyone you send our way. Not only that, but the call center staff is trained to maximize every sale -- to get the largest order possible and to upsell additional items. YOU get the commission on ALL these sales, just for sending us the customer!

When your customers place an order, our system upsells another related product. You get the commission. And we keep tracking your traffic even after they leave the original site and click through on an exit console. When they buy, you get THAT commission, too!

This advanced traffic tracker even works on affiliate signups off our product sites. Next thing you know, you're getting a cut of their sales as well.

You get your choice of payment methods: We can send biweekly payments by wire transfer, check or Moneybookers.

Check these advanced Sell Health sales tracking tools:

We make it as effortless as possible for you to make money and to see exactly how it's pouring in!

Campaign tracking

This is an invaluable tool for tracking your earnings. You can create an unlimited number of campaign tracking IDs so you can easily track exactly how individual campaigns are performing. For example, if you use Google and Yahoo, you can create a tracking ID for each and view stats separately for each campaign.

Detailed, real-time stats

You can view your raw clicks, unique clicks, number of sales, earnings, conversion ratios, campaign tracking IDs, referral stats and downline stats. Having all of these detailed reports at your fingertips will help maximize your profit from your traffic.

Plus, better use of your bandwidth!

Hosted Marketing Tools mean you can have tons of content, all the professional ads and articles you want, high-powered banners and more -- ALL without using up your bandwidth.

Here's the simplest and most painless way ever for you to use our marketing tools. We host all of our ad materials including banners, full page ads, articles, and full content sites. So you don't need to download banners and then upload them to your server. We provide all the HTML code for our marketing tools, so you can just grab the code and add it to your web pages in a snap. You can even create a popup console with any banner in our system.

If you can cut and paste, you can have the most professional, complete marketing resources ON YOUR SITE in just seconds!

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