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Reviewing the available scientific data and clinical information the Maxoderm formulation seems to possess the ability to enhance the quality of erections. This absorbing lotion may be the answer for many men and women who desire to improve their sex lives.

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Q. Is MAXODERM™ different from the herbal pill supplements that I've read about?

A. Yes, Maxoderm™ is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Unlike a pill taken orally, MAXODERM™ uses Targeted Topical Delivery instantly improving erection quality and firmness directly to the “source”! MAXODERM™'s patent pending formula - VASOTRAN AUCTUM™ - creates an immediate effect because the ingredients directly stimulate the skin tissue associated with arousal and orgasm rather than going through the extensive dilutive processes of the digestive system (which is exactly what takes place when swallowing a pill, tablet or capsule).

Q. How do I use the MAXODERM™ Male Enhancement System?

A. The MAXODERM™ Male Enhancement System is very easy to use. Simply massage a quarter-sized dab directly onto the penis for approximately 5-10 minutes while self-pleasuring.

Initial Integration Phase: Although you WILL begin to feel a difference with your very first use, in order to achieve the greatest possible results while on the MAXODERM™ Male Enhancement System, we recommend the following application frequency for the first 12 weeks:

Q. When can I expect to see results?

A. Again, while MAXODERM™ will start working immediately and you’ll notice a difference upon your first application; visual results for the average male may take up to 8-12 weeks. However, some clients have reported dramatic results in as little as 4 weeks. Please allow yourself enough time for the system to work and your body to adjust. Everyone's bodily make-up is different and results will vary.

Q. How long do I need to continue to stay on the MAXODERM™ Male Enhancement System?

A. We recommend staying consistent with your 5 weekly applications, though if an application is missed occasionally it should not interfere with the overall success of your progress. After the Initial Integration Phase, we recommend a Maintenance Phase of 1 - 3 applications per week as is necessary or whenever you need that extra "boost". If you stop using MAXODERM™ completely, you may eventually lose some of the gains you have achieved, again depending on bodily makeup.

Q. I've taken other products before (like herbal enlargement pills) but I couldn't tell if they were working, how will I know that MAXODERM™ is working for me?

A. Unlike other products (like herbal pills), MAXODERM™'s highly active patent pending formula Vasotran Auctum™ contains very powerful topical properties - once applied, stimulate the senses immediately. This process will result in an exhilarating "warming" or "tingling" sensation (this is what is needed to improve erection quality). Once you feel this sensation occurring, then you know that MAXODERM™ is fast at work.

Q. Will my erection continue to keep gaining quality and firmness forever as long as I keep using the product and are the effects of MAXODERM™ permanent?

A. Any company that would claim that improvements in your erection will continue forever should be approached with caution - there is a limit to everything. With regular use, the body WILL adapt to the constant increase in stimulation, ultimately creating an enhanced result. Using a maintenance program once you've achieved your desired firmness and quality is the way to keep those results permanently.

Q. Can MAXODERM™ be shipped discretely?

A. Absolutely! Your privacy is 100% guaranteed - all orders are shipped in unmarked packaging and credit cards are billed as "" or "".